Welcome to the Accelerated Product Creation System...

— Why "Accelerated"?

Because Time to Market is everything.

The APCS way is to seek out methods, processes and systems that take as much time as possible out of the product creation process, so that you can achieve unrivalled levels of productivity as you create your content - whether you are doing it yourself or working with me here in Studio Five.

— Why "Product"?

Because there are only two ways to deliver more value to your clients.

You can find, recruit, train and manage people to do what you do, in your way and to your standards. And then you can try to retain them.

Or you can enshrine your valuable and hard-won knowledge, skills and experience in a suite of products. That offers the opportunity to touch the personal and/or business lives of more people, regardless of location. And it also offers you a whole new set of options when it comes to marketing your business, attracting new clients and deepening client relationships.

— Why "Creation"?

Because it's the creative energy of independent business owners like you that is the fire in the heart of the economy.

Maybe you took the risk and stepped out of the corporate cubicle because you had the vision to know that your creativity was at risk of being stifled, and you had the commitment to face up to the challenges of setting up your own show. And now there are corporate clients who know they need your distinctive approach.

Or maybe you are bringing your expertise to independent business owners, and your contribution lies there.

Or maybe you are taking your passion into the lives of people outside of their work to create better family relationships or healthier lifestyles, because you see that there can be a better way.

I don't know what it might be for you, but I've see enough of both corporate life and the independent business world to believe that independent businesses have an extraordinary freedom to create extraordinary change.

And the means of reaching out have never been more powerful or more accessible.

— Why "System"?

Because that's what it takes. A systematic approach is the only way to achieve the consistency, quality and productivity you need for your business to thrive.

What To Do Now...

Get in touch.

The best way is to go ahead and book a 45-minute call with me, so we can start to jointly create a focused, practical plan to set out the shape of your product development activities. Free, of course, and no obligation (although, naturally, I'm hoping you will become a client!). You can schedule it here: www.jimpirrie.com/45-minute-call (the booking calendar is by far the best way to minimise diary wrangling).

Or watch this space.

New options will be appearing on this site regularly: free webinars, e-books and so on. If you would like to be kept in touch then please drop me an email at jim@jimpirrie.com and you will be among the first to know as new content is uploaded to this site.

I look forward to talking with you soon!


Jim Pirrie
Founder of The Accelerated Product Creation System.